2.5G Plug-In Switch Modules

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We Focus on 2.5G

2.5G Ethernet Switch

In the age of 2.5G Ethernet Networking, Gigabit Switch can not keep up, 10 Gigabit Switch is too expensive.  2.5G Switch becomes the next generation of ordinary local area networks.

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Our Advantages

Since 2006, products cover network communications, DSL/GPON broadband networks, industrial-grade 3/4G/LTE routers, and the core core of cautious communications/10 Gigabit communications; it can be widely used in industrial fields such as coal mines, transportation, and electric power; we focus on the field of industrial network communications, Provide customized services and solutions for industry users. 

We have professional research characteristics, is good at high-efficiency, systematic and standardized management methods, has an efficient development, production, sales and after-sales service workshop of nearly 4000 square meters, equipped with various welding processing equipment such as high-speed placement machines, Wave crest, reflow soldering, etc. , The introduction of professional production capacity with international level, fully comply with the ISO9001 quality certification system to regulate its own capabilities, to ensure product quality.

No large quantity required, As the current IDH service provider of Taiwan Realtek (REALTEK) 10 Gigabit Layer 3 routing management Ethernet switch, we provide customized development services based on multiple chip solutions of RTL9301/RTL9311/RTL9303/RTL9313, and provide 2.5G pure Electrical port and 24/48 port Gigabit + 10G uplink managed switches, providing hardware customization + software customization services.

Support 802.1p COS/DSCP/TOS priority

Support  IGMP  Snooping

Support MLD-snooping

Multicast VLAN Registration(MVR)

Supports IP , MAC, port, VLAN binding combinations

Support IPV4 static route setup

Support  static  ARP  Add,delete,burn-in time sutup/check

Support     group-brocasting    PIM,IGMPV1/V2/V3, MLD(IPV4)

Support  DHCP client

Support relay reperter , DHCP snooping

Support duplex trandfer check mechanism