Make it Easy to Do

Mestechs established in 2008.  The establishment of the beginning focused on network communication product development and global sales.  We have been committed to making customers’ network communication products easy to use, “Make it Easy to Do”, and to ensure the products meet customers’ need.  Once our products launched to the market, they are received enthusiastic responses from customers.  And our customers all over Europe, the Americas, Southeast Asia, and most customers set up a deep cooperative relationship.
In the age of industrial Internet, network communication products are widely used in many industries.  However, subject to the limitations of application scenarios, traditional telecommunications broadband access and commercial network terminals, whether it is product form or hardware and software functions, are difficult to meet a variety of market demand. From broadband access DSL to XPON, Gigabit/2.5G/10G/40G/100G Ethernet switches, we provide hardware and software customization services for industry needs.  Unlike other customized services, we do not pursue the largest size of the client market, but focusing on specific industry customer needs pain points.

Make technology become more practical, let our product simple and efficient

At the same time, we keep up with the rapid development of sciences and technologies, and actively explore the updated communication technologies.  We Commit to the promotion and research of SDN network, to provide users with P4 white box switch and technical services.  Mestechs vision, make technology become more practical, let our product simple and efficient.

Born in Hong Kong
30 years experience in Telecommunication and Data Networking industries
Always as a pioneer in the industries in China

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