With the development of science and technology, some traditional industries are required to collecting video and senor data through a long distance copper wire. Besides, the working scenarios have a common point : the old communication technologies in bandwidth and distance cannot meet the needs while some broadband communication technologies, like Wi-Fi, Ethernet, optical fiber, PLC and VDSL2 have more or less pain points cannot be used.

Our TDSL solution, focus on the DSL frequency spectrum within 1.1MHz,

can provide the larger capabilities of

Long Distance
Copper Wire Transmission
High Upstream Bandwidth

TDSL Technology - The Reciprocal of Mini DSLAM Application

We adopt the use of Mini DSLAM (“TDSL module) but reciprocal install it in the equipment in the remote site, and the terminal modem device (“MVD module”) in the equipment on the ship or control site.
This reciprocal application can maintain a high upstream bandwidth of 3Mbps from the remote TDSL module with a long distance of 5km twisted copper cable.

Applications and Scenarios

Here are some applications and scenarios for the use of our TDSL solution.

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